Which side is the fuel cap on my rental car?

Which side is the fuel cap on my rental car?

Find out how you can tell which side the petrol cap is on your rental car without getting out to check. We'll let you into the secret. It makes filling up your car with fuel just a little easier, and avoids any stress at the filling station.

It’s a stressful moment: arriving at a service station and realising you have no idea which side of the hire car the petrol cap is on. Will the hose be long enough to stretch if you get it wrong? 

Take a look at the fuel gauge on the dashboard of your rental car. You will hopefully see an arrow on either the left or right of the fuel pump picture. The arrow points to the side of the car the fuel cap is on.

If there’s no arrow, see which side of the pump the hose is shown on. This should indicate which side the fuel cap is on: if the hose is on the left, the tank is on the left, and the same for right.

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