AutoGUIDE GPS Navigation


With the development of modern technology there has finally appeared a new opportunity for tourists to travel independently, without guides, and in numerous groups. Today, the organization of individual and unforgettable holidays by advanced tourists involves the "AutoGUIDE" system.

AutoGUIDE helps you find all the interesting historical places and sights easily, as well as listen to full-fledged excursions in the form of radio shows which are read by professional narrators.

The Database of AutoGUIDE contains hundreds of historical sites and attractions, beaches and recreational facilities, hotels and apartments, restaurants and bars, shops and entertainment centres.


AutoGUIDE is a hardware and software system based on modern advanced technology that provides tourists with the following services:
  • GPS navigation through popular and little-known tourist sights;
  • A large catalogue of excursion places with a unique Audio material on each place of interest;
  • The intelligent service "SightSeeker" that does not allow tourists to miss interesting sights en route; Important characteristics of such solutions are their affordability and usability.

For a tourist, AutoGUIDE is, first and foremost, a comfortable and fully-fledged holiday at an affordable price, which solves several problems at one time.

Every tourist who has traveled at least once to European countries, such as Greece, Spain, or Italy knows perfectly well what a group tour of historical places means.

Along with the high cost of such tours, there are a number of significant problems for the average tourist:

  • multiple groups which are never formed by age category.
  • the imposition of additional services to you, or goods en route
  • the loss of your precious time when the team is being collected and delivered among various hotels.

And all these are just for the sake of visiting only one or two tourist sites for the whole day.

With AutoGUIDE:

  • Your excursion becomes really INDIVIDUAL and COMFORTABLE.
  • You plan your route by yourself and visit the places that are interesting ONLY to you.
  • You save time and may visit several historical places in one day, supplementing your itinerary with dinner at a traditional tavern or with relaxing time on the beach.
  • Your journey will be extremely informative. All the excursions are recorded in a professional studio on the basis of unique archival materials that contain a lot of historical details and links to other attractions in the region.