Car Rental Policy


Please   read   the   following   text   thoroughly,   our   company   cannot   be   held   responsible   if   clients are   not   aware   and   understood   our booking   conditions.



Full Insurance 100%       -   NO  RISK    -    No Hidden Extra insurace


Our Rates Always Include:

  FULL INSURANSE 100 %     -     NO SELF RISK   -     No Hidden Extras Cost   -    NO EXCESS 

  FDW: Full Damage Waiver Insurance with NO EXCESS .

  WUG-AInsurance for damage to the Wheels - Tires / Under the car damages / Glass - windscreens and Airbags

  CDW: Collision Damage Waiver - NO EXCESS

 TP: Theft Insurance  - NO EXCESS

  PAI: Personal Accident Insurance with - NO EXCESS

  PL: Pablic Liability insurance with - NO EXCESS

  FI:  Fire Insurance -  NO EXCESS

  Taxes VAT 23 %  and all local Taxes (included)

  Unlimited kilometers

  24hour Road Assistance all over the Island Crete

  Second Additional driver -  Free 

   Road and City maps  -  Free

  Babe seats-Child seats-booster - Free

 Free Cancellation: free Cancellation up to 48hrs before arrival

  Delivery /Collection of the vehicles.*




Our Insurance Policy:


Full Insurance against All Risks 100% (CDW):
Customer is fully relieved from the responsibility for any damage. The vehicles are subject to liability and fully comprehensive automobile and property damage insurance.
* For negligent or drunk driving, driving under influence of drugs or on unauthorized roads, driving to prohibited areas/countries, obvious acts of disregards to the vehicle, the renter will be responsible for the full amount of charges.


Personal Accident Insurance(PI):

P.A.I. insurance is covering the passengers in the hire car and the driver.


Special Full Insurance (FDW) & (WUG-A):
which covers damages caused to the underside of the cars, glass-windscreens, tyres-wheels, Airbags and engine damagesInsurance.



Theft insurance (TP):
The cars are always insured against thieves 100%, but not the clients personal belongings.


Public Liability Insurance (PL): 
up to 750.000 euro for persons and up to 750.000 euro for damaged properties.


Loss of car keys:
The client is not covered in case of loss or stolen car keys, the cost of car keys is covered from the client.


Glass insurance:
The client is fully covered for damages caused on Glass parts of the car 100%.