A city with thousands of years of history, Malia has become a modern, dynamic tourist destination over the years, located along the central northern coast of Crete, the biggest island of Greece.
Standing out for its golden, sandy beaches and vibrant nightlife, Malia is also a wonderful place to spend your holidays if you're looking for culture, stunning landscapes and charming mountain villages.
Due to its central location on the island of Crete and its good infrastructure, Malia is the ideal base to discover the wider region of Crete with an extensive variety of excursions, day trips etc.
We aim this web site to be an indispensable tool and companion for you, dear visitor and to encourage you wholeheartedly to spend your next holidays with us here in Malia!
How to get there by renting a car.
In northern Crete there is one highway, National Road E75, which links Kastelli in West Crete with Sitia in East Crete via Chania, Rethymnon, Heraklion and Ayios Nikolaos. The national road is a single carriageway, meaning that there is one lane in each direction. There are, however, some stretches with two lanes, between Malia and Heraklion in particular. New, wider roads are under construction all over the island.
Most of the main roads are of a good standard, though they can have their flaws and the occasional bump and bubble. Off the main road quality standards and state of repair vary widely, from sometimes deep potholes to asphalted roads that, without apparent reason, turn into dirt tracks on smaller routes. Some mountain roads are really only suitable for a 4WD vehicle.
Scan the road surface ahead.
The quality of asphalt road surfaces is not always good since it is affected by a number of factors, including extreme heat in the summer that has the asphalt almost melting away and floods and rock falls in winter that leave roads littered with potholes, loose gravel or fallen rocks anywhere, anytime.
In general, road surfaces are very ‘polished’, which means their grip leaves a lot to be desired, especially on curves. After summer, when the first rain showers appear, the roads are extremely slippery, making them particularly dangerous or prone to accidents.
There are several car rental firms in Malia. Minimum age varies from 21 to 25 years old. Rates usually include third party insurance and unlimited mileage. Furthermore it is advisable to take out a CDW insurance. You cannot take the car on a ferry without written authorization of the rental firm.
Our car rental services ensure all the above and you have a variaty of cars to select. Suiting your needs we take car rental seriously and provide you with the newest and most luxury cars for your needs.
Where to stay
A popular choice among the young holiday makers in Malia is to stay in one of the many smaller studios / apartments that are strategically located in Down Town Malia, (near or in the entertainment district, most probably noisy) and in Malia’s Old Town. These accommodations are basic and offer good value for money. The message is clear: for anyone looking for a clean, affordable and flexible stay, Malia’s Down Town and Old Town accommodation is the answer!
Malia prides itself on its extensive selection of quality accommodation. Affordable or luxurious, lively or peaceful, you’re guaranteed to find accommodation in Malia that matches your needs and your budget.
A popular alternative for families and couples alike, who like the idea of a more flexible holiday, is a self catering accommodation. The freedom of choice makes them an ideal option, whether you are planning on a quiet getaway just the two of you, an action packed holiday with friends or on spending some quality time as a family.
Malia's and Stalis' central position in Crete and its transport links easily allow you to visit the island’s wider region. Use Malia – Stalis as your perfect base and discover some of the most interesting areas and attractive towns, charming villages and breathtaking scenery.
The municipality of Malia lies along the north central coast of Crete, the biggest and most southern island of Greece. It unfolds from the slopes of Mt. Selena with the mountain villages Krassi and Mohos, continues over the fertile plain with the coastal villages of Malia and Stalis to end at the shore of the incomparable Aegean Sea.
The area of coastal Malia and Stalis has a mild Mediterranean climate with warm, dry summers and mild, wet winters. With an average of 300 days of sunshine a year, 6km of fine sandy beaches, only 30min. drive away from the airport of Heraklio.
The beaches along the coast of Malia and Stalis are of the most developed on the island. With 6km of fine sandy beaches and access to a gradually deepening sea, they belong to the area’s most treasured assets.
Malia’s prominent nightlife scene attracts visitors from all over Europe. Over the past few years, it has gained a reputation of being one of the most dynamic and vibrant holiday destinations in the Mediterranean. This is reflected in the fantastic range of entertainment and nightlife venues that are on offer, with an endless choice of bars, pubs, cutting-edge nightclubs and special events. Now your only problem in Malia will be: how to manage all of them in one holiday.
Bar / Pub aficionados can eat their heart out in one of the countless bar venues of Malia; and that’s only the beginning.
Pubs and bars are focal points for socializing; pubs serve food and drinks in the daytime, while in the evening they turn into sports cafes and entertainment centres, with big screens for all your games and matches on SAT TV. Unlike the male-dominated bastions, most pubs encourage female customers and families.
Also the bars host big screens and SAT TV and show the latest films on DVD. During the day they resemble cafes and at night time they become small nightclubs. No need to tell you that most action takes place outdoors!
The nightclub scene dominates the smaller hours with intoxicating options for non-stop partying in airy, trendy interiors: Loud and proud, well into the small hours with no face control, no stress: just a good vibe in a cool atmosphere.
As Malia hosts a cosmopolitan public, it offers cosmopolitan music: a happy mix of the latest chart music, RnB, 70s and 80s disco, soul, party music and Indie pop, rock, house, garage, trance and techno follows you wherever you go. Pretty much all tastes are catered for. The beat goes up after the sun goes down, with no dress code – as long as you keep things civilized.